Webinar: Pypeline – a Python Connector Library for AnyLogic

The Python programming language has boomed in popularity over the past decade, in part due to its versatility and ease-of-use. It connects with AnyLogic through the Pypeline library which enables interaction with any locally installed version of Python.

This webinar recording provides a short high-level executive summary with use cases followed by a deeper technical dive and examples showing how you can incorporate Pypeline into your simulation models and use it in an optimal way.

Webinar agenda:
  • Pypeline Overview: what it is and how it can be used
  • Installation and Configuration
  • How Pypeline communicates with Python
  • Passing and Receiving Data: from single values to complex, nested data structures – including agents and populations
  • Using Pypeline in a Simulation Model: Recommended Workflow
  • Example models
  • Q&A

Find out more about the library and how it allows you to call Python from within a running AnyLogic simulation model on GitHub.

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