Webinar: Custom Libraries in AnyLogic — Enabling Model Building at Scale for Enterprise Simulation

In this webinar, we explain what custom libraries are and the ways they can be used to vastly expedite the development of future projects. 

Webinar agenda:
  • Introduction
  • Using custom libraries for scaling the model building workflow within a team
  • Demystifying custom libraries and showcasing their potential
  • SIR with clinic: About the example scenario
  • Growing from one model to many: cross-model asset sharing
  • Using parameters for deeply customizable assets
  • Bundling processes into custom flowchart blocks
  • Documentation for your assets and their properties
  • Hiding various objects during run-time
  • Exporting the custom library and related tips
  • Use cases
  • Q&A
Download the webinar supplemental materials (ZIP).

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