Webinar: Road Traffic Library

The Road Traffic Library allows you to model, simulate and visualize vehicle traffic. The library supports detailed yet highly efficient physical level modeling of vehicle movement. It is suitable for modeling highway traffic, street traffic, on-site transportation at manufacturing sites, parking lots, or any other systems with vehicles, roads, and lanes.

The Road Traffic Library integrates well with AnyLogic Process Modeling Library, Pedestrian Library, and Rail Library, which means you can combine vehicle traffic models with models of trucks, cranes, ships, trains, passenger flows, manufacturing or business processes, and so on.

Webinar agenda:
  • Road network creation based on satellite image
  • Traffic flows logic
  • Traffic lights setup
  • Traffic light phases optimization
  • Parking lot and bus route
  • Integration with Pedestrian Library (deboarding on parking lot, pedestrian crossing)

The model built during the webinar is available for download, as well as the Q&A.

The video is available with Portuguese and Spanish subtitles.

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