AnyLogic Conference 2014

November 12-13
San Francisco, CA, USA

Conference program

Video Presentation Industry Organizaton pdf
Analysis of Control Strategies for the Aircraft Production Ramp-up (Arnd Schirrmann) Manufacturing airbus.png
Disruptive Technology Change in Distribution Center Automation (Dr. Larry M. Sweet) Manufacturing symbotic.png
An Agent-Based Explanation for the Housing Plight of America’s Mentally Ill (Kyle L. Johnson) Healthcare, Social Processes IBM.png
Cesarean Delivery Model: Provider payment reform to reduce rates of cesarean delivery (Alan Mills) Healthcare Alan Mills, FSA MAAA ND
AnyLogic pedestrian simulation projects for public buildings in France: museums, big shops, terminals (Vladimir Koltchanov) Pedestrian Modeling AnyLogic.png
Simulating Rail Network Problems with and without the Rail Library (Yu Wang, Jeremiah Dirnberger) Railroads csx.png
PwC Strategy Navigator - Choosing the most impactful strategy in an era of disruptive change (Sachel Lakhavani) Strategic Management PricewaterhouseCoopers.png
Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail, Dynamic Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning by AnyLogic: Case of Toronto (Ali Asgary) Logistics, Safety Logo_York_University.png
Marriage of agents and GIS shapefiles: How to make your agents love GIS (Ben Schumann) Transportation decisionlab.png
Increasing rail capacity utilization in port of Hamburg by early provision of information for import containers (Fabian Walter, Ralf Elbert) Logistics Technische Darmstadt.png
Customer-centric transportation network modelling (Artem Parakhine) Transportation PricewaterhouseCoopers.png
Implementation of Complex High-Fidelity Terminal Simulation Models (Allan Chegus, Dumitru Cernelev) Oil & Gas StreamSystems2.png
Quick Win for Negotiating with Supplier Using Simulation Results (Victor Chang, Software Engineer) Manufacturing intel.png

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