The AnyLogic Conference 2019

April 17-18
Austin, TX, USA

AnyLogic’s seventh annual Conference will continue to prove the power of collaboration, with both the AnyLogic team and other experienced model developers. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how AnyLogic is being applied across multiple industries, experience innovative ideas and expand your vision of AnyLogic software.

This year’s conference features a panel discussion Next Generation Artificial Intelligence: Agent-Based Simulation + Reinforcement Learning with industry practitioners focusing on going beyond deep-learning.

The program is built with the most innovative AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations. Read on, find out more, and be sure to keep-up to date.

The event immediately follows INFORMS Analytics Conference.



Conference presentations

Title Presenter(s) Industry Organizaton Abstract
Re-Imagining Strategy: Doing Strategy Through Simulation, Gaming, AI, and Continuous Execution Lyle Wallis, Director Artificial Intelligence PwC
Drilling Rig Digital Twin and Virtual Well Construction Simulation Jason Baker, Abe Hudson, Sr. Systems Engineers Oil & Gas TransOcean
Supply Chain Network Optimization Cuong V. Lam, Supply Chain Specialist Supply Chain Tessenderlo Group
Modeling & Analysis of Grocery Picking Bots Amy Brown Greer, P.E., Principal at MOSIMTEC; Christian Hammel, System Modeling and Simulation Consultant & John Lert, Founder and CEO at ALERT Innovation Retail and Distribution Mosimtec
Using AnyLogic to Benefit the Planning and Design of Airport Facilities Beth C Kulick, AVP Airports TranSystems
Agent- Based Modeling For Active Shooter Incidents: Assessing Effectiveness of Run.Hide.Fight. Response for Unarmed Individuals Jae Yong Lee, Graduate Research Assistant Emergency Planning Purdue University
Human Behavior Modeling Kurt Kreuger, PhD, Researcher and Director Social Processes and Healthcare Krueger Consulting
Using Critical Chain Project Management for A Turbine Manufacturer to Reduce Lead Times and Improve Reliability Dr. Alan Barnard, CEO, Jaco-Ben Vosloo, Director Simulation and Technologies Manufacturing Mobility Goldratt
A Multi Phases Pet Food Production Process Elisa Elena, Engineer; Gaston Fourcade, Javier Cortes, Computer science Supply Chain ITE Consult
Using AnyLogic to Simulate Trading Processes at Fannie Mae John A. Coaster, PhD Director, Financial Modeling Financing Fannie Mae
Challenges in Simulating a Small-Batch Biotech Manufacturing Process Patricia Randall, PhD, Director Manufacturing Princeton Consultants
From Concept to Reality: Combining Simulation and Lean Design at the Montreal International Airport to Develop and Implement an Early Bag Storage (EBS), to Optimize the Baggage Room Installed Capacity Alvaro Gil, M.Sc. Strategic Consultant, Predictive Technologies GSS Inc. Airport and Aerospace GSS and Montreal Airport (ADM)
To be announced To be announced
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Panel Discussion

Next generation artificial intelligence: Agent-based simulation + reinforcement learning

The ability to create a mental model of our environment, project forward in time, and take appropriate action is a key element of human intelligence. Combining agent-based simulation with reinforcement learning will lead to a new era of continuously learning agents that accomplish this functionality. Is this the next generation of AI - beyond deep learning?

Join our expert panel of practitioners from simulation and AI as they debate the role of agent-based simulation and reinforcement learning in the broader quest for Artificial Intelligence and conclude with a Q&A.


Anand Rao

Dr. Anand Rao – Partner and Global Artificial Intelligence Lead – PwC, with over 33 years of industry and consulting experience, helping senior executives structure, solve and manage critical issues facing their organizations. With a computer science and Artificial Intelligence background and over 20 years consulting experience he blends deep analytics and computational techniques to solve challenging business problems using creative solutions.

Panel members

Chris Nicholson

Chris Nicholson – Co-founder and CEO of Skymind, an enterprise software company built around artificial intelligence deployment and the open-source distributed learning framework Deeplearning4j. Chris works with companies to apply machine learning to solve business problems in areas including fraud detection, healthcare, and smart robots. Prior to Skymind, Chris spent a decade as a journalist covering global business and technology for The New York Times and Bloomberg News. He attended Deep Springs College, holds a degree in Economics, and lives in the Bay Area.

Benjamin Schumann Ph.D

Benjamin Schumann Ph.D, simulation expert with over 10 years of experience applying simulation and AnyLogic. He wants to ensure that the AI community benefits from the knowledge of simulation practitioners before they reinvent the wheel from scratch. Ben leads his own simulation practice advising global consulting firms as well as industrial and academic clients. Previously, he was pushing the potential of simulation as a consulting tool with McKinsey & Company, Inc. as well as working for boutique consulting firms as a modeller. Ben holds a PhD in Complex Systems Simulation for Aerospace Design.

Ilana Golbin

Ilana Golbin – Responsible AI Analytics Lead , Artificial Intelligence Accelerator – PwC, specializing in applying machine learning and simulation modeling to address client needs across sectors, regarding strategic deployment of new goods and services, operational efficiencies, consumer adoption, geospatial analytics, and addressing model bias and explain-ability. Ilana currently leads PwC's efforts in exploring cutting edge approaches to create explainable and robust AI in the Artificial Intelligence Accelerator and co-leads the analytics development of the Global Responsible AI Platform.



AnyLogic 8.4, New AnyLogic Cloud Capabilities and Synergy of Simulation and Machine Learning

Dr. Andrei Borshchev, CEO, & Nikolay Churkov, Head of Software Development, & Arash Mahdavi, Simulation Modeling Consultant at The AnyLogic Company

Andrei Borshchev

We will walk you through the latest releases of AnyLogic and AnyLogic Cloud. New features in the Material Handling Library include AGVs moving in free space, cranes, lifts, and dynamically configured multi-level networks. You will see how to use the new file management features and how to setup files as inputs for simulations running in AnyLogic Cloud. We will show the latest AnyLogic Cloud API in action, building a custom HTML frontend for a model running in Private Cloud Lite. We will also demo, as a “bonus track”, how AnyLogic simulation models can be used as training environments for deep reinforcement learning.

Don't Forget Your User: Creating Amazing User Interface Design with Little Effort in AnyLogic

Benjamin Schumann, Ph.D., Senior Analytics Fellow

Benjamin Schumann

This year, irresistible interfaces. Benjamin Schumann is becoming a key presenter at the AnyLogic Conference. After uncovering the hidden gems of AnyLogic in 2016, Benjamin continued to improve the AnyLogic user experience by exploring his list of best practices for model-building at the last conference.

Now, he is taking a deep dive into world-class user interface (UI) design with AnyLogic. How can your model be as intuitive and elegant as the best apps around? How can you create and reuse advanced UI objects yourself? Based on several real-world models, Ben will share the UI knowledge that makes his clients jaws drop and keep them wanting to use models again and again.

anyLogistix: Create Your Supply Chain Digital Twin to Enhance Control Tower Visibility

Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development at The AnyLogic Company

Timofey Popkov

Digital twin buzz is all about in logistics these days. But what exactly is a supply chain digital twin? How can it help improve planning processes and enhance network visibility? Why integrate it with your IT environment? In our presentation, we will address these questions and more as we demo supply chain digital twin development with anyLogistix and how it can run in the AnyLogic Cloud.

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Call for Conference Presenters

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