Why do universities value AnyLogic?

Today, modeling and simulation are in high demand. Surprisingly, there are few universities that have programs designed for them.

In 2000, Old Dominion University was the first in the United States to offer a Ph.D. in modeling and simulation. Now it is the only university in the country with an undergraduate program. Old Dominion has extensive experience in teaching simulation, and Old Dominion chooses AnyLogic.

“AnyLogic is the only object-oriented M&S software that supports DES/SD/ABM methodologies with prebuilt graphical and extendible libraries, and access to all Java API that allows for adding any particular functionality. Currently, AnyLogic is, in my opinion, the best M&S tool for modeling in a modular, hierarchical, and incremental manner, which allows for representing systems to any desired level of detail. I am currently working on my dissertation (M&S), and I cannot imagine using any other M&S software.” – said Mariusz Balaban, Research Assistant at Old Dominion University.

Why do lecturers choose AnyLogic? Many educators state that its unique multimethod capabilities make it the perfect tool for teaching different aspects of modeling and simulation. Here is what Marshall Bartlett from Hollins University said:

“As an educator, I was in the market for a modeling package to help my students understand the principles of multidomain modeling. After reviewing several products, AnyLogic combined the robust feature set I was interested in with an intuitive user interface that should make it easy for my students to pick up the tool and start gaining insight into their problems in a hurry. I was also extremely pleased with the flexible pricing for academic users.”

More than 600 universities worldwide choose AnyLogic. The AnyLogic Company provides university lecturers with educational materials, discounted licenses, and other valuable offers and benefits.

AnyLogic also supports students and educators through the Simulation Modeling Student Competition, which is currently being carried out in five countries. The competition is still open for registration!

Check the Academic Partnership Program page to see what else we offer to educators.

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