Webinar: Multimethod Modeling with a Customer Satisfaction Scenario

The benefits of multimethod modeling take center stage as we build a Customer Satisfaction Model, which includes, service interruptions, downtime, and processing time. Also built into the model are varying levels of customer satisfaction based on performance and word of mouth factors.

Join us for the“Multimethod Modeling with a Customer Satisfaction Scenario” Webinar August 13th at 12 Noon CST for a comprehensive “how-to” build multimethod model with true problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of multimethod modeling
  • Use multimethod modeling approach to solve business challenges
  • Build simulation experiments to gain insight into decision-making and “what-if” opportunities

Webinar attendees will receive the model source code, all necessary associated files and how-to-build written instructions.