Video: Simulating a spiral conveyor*

*The technique featured in this how-to video can be applied in many other areas, such as for roads and highways, railroads, and even for stairways.

With the Material Handling Library, AnyLogic gives simulation modelers the ability to capture manufacturing and warehousing systems and operations. Conveyor systems are common in such environments and spiral conveyors are often used to transport goods between levels. They use less space to change height than linear conveyors and can be faster and more reliable than lifts and elevators.

This video shows how to quickly setup a spiral conveyor in AnyLogic, with guidance on layout, process logic, and 3D refinements.

The conveyor setup includes multiple levels and the video offers tips on how to achieve curved segments that increase in height.

After modeling the conveyor route, and to turn the model into a simulation, the process logic of the conveyor is setup in a simple flow chart.

Finally, changes to the 3D model demonstrate how custom presentation requirements can be met.

To model a full system or facility process, you will need to join many elements together. An example model can be seen below – it is in the AnyLogic demonstration models and is also downloadable, so you can investigate all the workings for yourself!

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