Video: Installing and using AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite on Windows

Video: Installing and using AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite

For the Linux version check out AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite for Linux!

Here is a video showing how to install and get going with AnyLogic Cloud Lite. You can find out about the easy and private simulation model collaboration that AnyLogic Cloud Lite provides in our earlier blog. In this post, we go through the next step, trying it out! And also, why you might want to! For easy operational use of AnyLogic models within an organization, read on!

AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite is a service for storing, launching and analyzing models in a company's private cloud. It allows you to offload the running of AnyLogic experiments from end-user computers, simplify collaborative model development, integrate simulation models in data workflows and with tools such as Tableau and Power BI. AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite can be hosted and configured in accordance with corporate security requirements.

Private Cloud Lite can be installed on a local Windows or Linux server using a simple install wizard. AnyLogic users on the network can then upload models to Private Cloud Lite instance to conduct experiments, analyze results and upload reports. Since the models run on a separate server, users are freed from any processing burden.

Unlike AnyLogic Private Cloud, the Lite version is more accessible and easier to install because installation it is for a single server, avoiding the complexities of multi-server setup.

To show you how to install and use the Lite version, check out our video — don't forget to subscribe!

How to install AnyLogic Cloud Lite video

To make use of AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite in your organization, leave a purchase request or contact our technical support.

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