The art of process-centric modeling – an AnyLogic educational textbook

The Art of Process-Centric Modeling with AnyLogic

This free educational textbook uses AnyLogic to teach the art of process centric modeling. Also known as discrete-event modeling, process-centric modeling is good for capturing business processes, where systems can be described as a sequence of actions. Capturing a system in a process-centric model is not always straightforward but, using clear examples and the simulation modeling tool AnyLogic, this book teaches you how.

The author, Dr. Arash Mahdavi, demonstrates how simulation modeling can be both a science and an art, with examples exploring how to find an appropriate level of abstraction for a model, as well as the thought processes, techniques and procedures required for effective simulation modeling.

The holistic approach to process-centric modeling used by Dr. Arash Mahdavi helps to break down some of the barriers that can make simulation modeling difficult. As you progress through the examples, you will find he teaches elegance in capturing a system, focusing on clarity and simplicity. The results help both the developers and the clients.

Included with the free download are example models to use in the AnyLogic simulation modeling software. You will also find a change log to highlight changes and new additions.

Get up to speed with the latest methods and techniques for process-centric simulation modeling, download the book and example models today!

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About the author

Dr. Arash Mahdavi
Dr. Arash Mahdavi

Dr. Arash Mahdavi is a simulation modeling expert and head of training at The AnyLogic Company in North America. He holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from Purdue University where he applied a system-of-systems approach and agent-based modeling to profitability analysis of construction companies. He has trained hundreds of professionals and faculty members from Fortune 100 companies and elite research universities. He is also currently the AnyLogic-AI integration lead.

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