The AnyLogic Conference 2022: presentations from the most innovative users

The AnyLogic Virtual Conference 2022

This year, the annual conference on simulation modeling will be held online on September 29. There will be almost 24 hours of live presentations and networking opportunities across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The AnyLogic Virtual Conference will cover software applications across multiple industries such as supply chains, construction, healthcare, warehousing, retail, transportation, mining, energy, as well as oil and gas.

Why participate and what to expect?

PwC, Domino’s Pizza, Netherland Railways, Komatsu, GHD, and many more companies will share their simulation experience. The AnyLogic team and industry-leading companies will demonstrate how to optimize processes and maximize productivity by using AnyLogic simulation software.

As an attendee you can network with simulation experts and share ground-breaking ideas of the AnyLogic software use. Consultants and developers will present their case studies showing the importance of simulation modeling for different fields.

Registration is free. The event will start at 07:00 am and will end at 11:30 pm (UTC). You can participate whenever you want during this time or spend a full day watching simulation modeling presentations and following experts’ discussions.

What happened in previous years?

In 2021, over 20 of the world's leading companies, including Microsoft, DHL, Accenture, PwC, Mercedes-Benz, and more, shared simulation experience in a variety of business sectors. There were more than thirty presentations and over one thousand participants in the AnyLogic Virtual Conference 2021.

This event has been held since 2012, and every year there are a lot of unique presentations which provide the best practices and new knowledge for innovators. 2022 will continue the tradition of making the diverse conference program with AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations.

Conference reviews from previous years

What’s new?

This year, PwC will present two projects dedicated to model operations in today’s large organizations, and starting enterprise level simulations.

The first presentation will highlight the importance of good model operations and what can go wrong. PwC will demonstrate the AnyLogic model and how the company delivers it to users internally.

Also, PwC will discuss the methodology that incorporates systems thinking, group modeling sessions, causal loop diagramming, and other techniques organized to successfully start simulation projects.

Domino’s Pizza, which operates 3000+ stores in ten markets across the APAC and European regions, will zoom in on two specific use cases of the simulation software: optimal store layouts for new stores and labor scheduling.

Domino’s Pizza

Decision Lab will showcase the created model of a real logistic center responsible for storing incoming goods and fulfilling orders for the NHS, The National Health Service in England. AnyLogic was leveraged for this resource utilization problem because of its built-in features for warehouse simulation and bottleneck identification.

At the AnyLogic Virtual Conference 2022, there will be two case studies on construction from Bryden Wood and Ruhr University Bochum. The first presentation is about AnyLogic modeling of truss fabrication, and the second one is about the optimization of a construction site layout for a tunnel drive.

Also, you will see an insightful presentation of Eurystic and Tecpetrol, one of the leading energy companies in Latin America, about the optimization of sand supply in fracking operations in the oil and gas industry. Netherland Railways will show a simulation model for disrupted railway operations.

Benjamin Schumann will give an interesting workshop on how to structure your models to avoid problems in the future.

Furthermore, there will be AnyLogic announcements from Andrei Borshchev, The AnyLogic Company CEO. Our development teams will reveal AnyLogic 9 and AnyLogic Cloud plans.

In addition, the development team will demonstrate new AnyLogic 8 features. And on top of that, they will talk about enterprise simulation within the AnyLogic ecosystem.

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Take part in the Activity Challenge! The 10 most active attendees will be awarded with an AnyLogic Cloud subscription with AnyLogic 9 Technology Preview!

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