Test AL 7.2 Beta

Test AL 7.2 Beta

We are excited to announce the beta version release of AnyLogic 7.2. Your evaluation and testing of the beta version is appreciated, and your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please report bugs and problems you encounter to support@anylogic.com. The final version will be release next month.

What's new in AnyLogic 7.2

Built-in database
AnyLogic models now have a built-in fully integrated database to read input data and write simulation output. Export the database with the model, it is as portable and cross-platform as the model itself. With the new database, you can:

  • Read parameter values and configure models
  • Create parameterized agent populations
  • Generate entity arrivals in the process models
  • Import data from other databases or Excel spreadsheets and store it in the readily available form
  • Log flowchart activities, events, statechart transitions, message passing, and agent biographies
  • View resource utilization, waiting, processing and travel times
  • Store and export statistics, datasets, and custom logs

Fluid Library

The new Fluid Library allows you to efficiently simulate storage and transfer of fluids, bulk matter, or large amounts of discrete items, which you do not want to represent as separate objects.

Escalators and zigzag queues for pedestrian flow models
Highly customizable escalator and zigzag (or serpentine) queue objects in the upgraded AnyLogic Pedestrian Library.

Railway routing option for GIS models
In addition to the car, bike, and foot routing methods, AnyLogic GIS object now offers routing by railways.

Shapefile conversion to AnyLogic markup
Automatically convert vector graphics from imported shapefiles into AnyLogic markup elements, such as using rail tracks in the Rail Library.

Quick popup help for library blocks and parameters
Now if you hold the mouse pointer over a library element or a parameter, a window with quick help will pop up.

New example models
The new models include Distribution Center and Grain terminal.

Test AL 7.2 Beta

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