Supply Chain Model Using Agent Based Simulation- Live Demonstration

Managing a supply chain requires complex analysis and strategic planning. Modeling and simulation with AnyLogic software allows you to stress your system and optimize strategies – all in a virtual environment. An example supply chain model was demonstrated by Andrei Borchshev, CEO of The AnyLogic Company and is also available for you to run on

This model of a supply network, comes with an Adaptive Supply Chain tool. It is US-wide and consists of part suppliers, producers, distributors and retailers whose properties can be viewed and edited with just one click. For example, the stationary (s,S) inventory policy applies throughout the whole supply chain, but you can change both the “order point” and the “order up to” level of any individual object. Suppliers, producers, and distributors maintain the shipping service with their own vehicle fleet, but fleet size can be customized. Retailers and distributors keep and constantly update the “quality of service” to the distributors and producers which is essentially, the average delivery time over a certain period. Once the “quality of service” falls below the expected level, they start searching for alternative partners. Applying changes to the model parameters, allows you to run “what if” scenarios and visualize how the supply chain and all of its components react to those changes.

The consumers are modeled as agents and each agent represents 2000 people. Consequently, the model signifies about 150,000 consumers with individual purchasing patterns. Consumers are distributed geographically over the US territory, each purchasing from the nearest retailor.
This particular model shows a map image, but AnyLogic also supports GIS and CAD drawings which you can incorporate into your models. Learn more about the Adaptive Supply Chain Model by watching the live demonstration and by visting