"Multimethod Modeling" - a new chapter of "The Big Book of AnyLogic" is out

Some citations:

"Frequently, the problem cannot completely conform to one modeling paradigm. Using a traditional single-method tool, the modeler inevitably either starts using workarounds (unnatural and cumbersome language constructs), or just leaves part of the problem outside the scope of the model (treats it as exogenous). If our goal is to capture business, economic, and social systems in their interaction, this becomes a serious limitation."

"AnyLogic meets this challenge by supporting all three modeling methods on a single modern object-oriented platform. With AnyLogic, a modeler can choose from a wide range of abstraction levels, can efficiently vary them while working on the model, and can combine different methods in one model."

In this chapter we offer an overview of most used multimethod model architectures, discuss the technical aspects of linking different methods within one model, and consider three examples of multimethod models:

  • Epidemic and Clinic
  • Consumer Market and Supply Chain
  • Product Portfolio and Investment Policy

The chapter is available at The Big Book page or directly as PDF.

Multimethod Modeling - a new chapter of The Big Book of AnyLogic is out

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