London Workshop - Delivering Digital Twins

Simulation modeling experts, from multiple industrial disciplines, joined dseConsulting (SimulAi), HSSMi, and AnyLogic in London this May 25th for an insightful event, rich with innovation. Here are the highlights and downloads.

Digital twins driving development

Digital twins proved a driving force behind many of the presentations and conversations — continuing a theme we saw at the AnyLogic Conference earlier this year.

As developing trends go, digital twins have been a long time coming. They have existed in some form or another for many years. For example, Nasa has long run digital copies of its space traveling hardware for diagnostics and experimentation. However, easier networking and the Internet of Things (IoT) have promoted the wider adoption of digital twins in manufacturing — collecting the data needed to develop and maintain a digital replica of physical assets is now more practical.

DescionLabs was among the companies demonstrating digital twins are not just a hot topic, but a concept with application — their ATOM Digital Twin (PDF) enabling Siemens to optimize turbine operations and maintenance.

In another example of simulation modeling at work, Alstom and Simplan showed how AnyLogic simulation software is used in the EU OPTIMISED project for rail fleet and network management. Two projects (PDF presentation) highlight how complex operations can be visualized for greater understanding and optimization. [Update: The project developed further and can be found in this WinterSim 18 paper]

The promotion of innovation, as shown in these projects, is a key part of HSSMi’s mission to deploy innovative technologies, tools, and methods to support the manufacturing sector. During the event, a hands-on data hack challenge (PDF) encouraged attendees to explore how AI combined with simulation in AnyLogic can have a big impact on manufacturer stock management optimization.

Key to the success of these projects was AnyLogic simulation software, and Andrei Borshchev, CEO of The AnyLogic Company, detailed the latest AnyLogic developments (PDF) — including material handling, the new web front end, and the opportunities presented by cloud-based simulation.

Simulation modeling is proving invaluable when bringing the latest developments of Industry 4.0 into practical use and the event in London was a great example of this. Thank you to the organizers and all the attendees for making the workshop so insightful and informative.

⚡ Download our white paper: An Introduction to Digital Twin Development

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