How-to video: Converting CAD drawings to walls

Computers should reduce the amount of work we need to do, especially where repetition is involved. For instance, when you have a CAD model of a building or physical space that you would like to simulate, wouldn’t it be great to reuse the layout and convert the walls to elements in the simulation model? This is exactly what you can do in AnyLogic.

Head of Training Services at the AnyLogic Company, Ilya Grigoryev, demonstrates the conversion of CAD drawings to walls in a new AnyLogic how-to video. The handy conversion feature significantly simplifies model development for projects such as those concerning pedestrian movement.

Follow the video and learn how to convert walls from CAD files into wall markup elements in AnyLogic. The process can help significantly speed-up your model development process.

How to simply convert a CAD drawing into AnyLogic walls instead of drawing the walls manually. Youku version.

The how-to video uses the example of a historical museum and steps through the stages necessary to successfully import the elements required for the simulation model. You can learn more about importing CAD drawings into AnyLogic in AnyLogic Help.

To dive further into how to create different types of walls, there is a how-to video on Drawing curved walls and additional guidance in the new AnyLogic help – Walls. If you liked this video, be sure to check out AnyLogic’s How-To video series. And remember, you can get started with AnyLogic simulation by downloading the free-forever AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition.

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