How to Set Up Intuitive Model Navigation in AnyLogic

The data that goes in, the art of model building and the results you receive are of course crucial aspects of your model. However, more often than not, the person building the model will not be the one utilizing it long-term. Presenting your model to stakeholders requires your model to be easily understandable and simple to navigate for the simulation and modeling novice.

Ben Schumann, Senior Modeler at DecisionLab, an AnyLogic authorized Distributor in the UK, has shared some quick tips on "How to Set Up Intuitive Model Navigation in AnyLogic."


  1. Navigation tools are already built-in by AnyLogic developers
  2. A small bit of code can be used to customize navigation objects
  3. Example Models are available inside your AnyLogic license and on
  4. Take advantage of the animation agent from the Presentation Library

Read Ben's blog which provides instructions and model screenshots to make learning these tips as easy as possible.

How to Set Up Intuitive Model Navigation in AnyLogic

About Ben Schumann:

Ben Schumann is a senior modeler at decisionLab, a company in the UK which designs and builds custom models and decision-support tools that help their clients to make evidence-based strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Ben, a significantly experienced AnyLogic user, works with diverse clients such as the MoD, Rolls-Royce or GSK. He handles project delivery from start to end, managing team members, and client communication.

Ben Schumann holds a Ph.D. in Complex Systems Simulation and developed an advanced aerospace design simulation model for the early design phase. It was applied for designing several real unmanned aircraft (the first 3D-printed aircraft on the planet, see New Scientist: Ben enjoyed a thorough training in simulation modelling thanks to his Grad School on Complex Systems Simulation.

He has become an expert on agent-based modelling techniques and is considered an authority on modelling agents in digital maps (i.e. GIS). In fact, maps are his passion and you might well see him on conferences waving around a particularly nice one.

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