First Combined AnyLogic Training in Chicago Conducted

AnyLogic North America conducted its first training program in their new Midwest facility last week July 15th – July 19th with great success. Over 30 students participated in the back-to-back Fundamentals Training / In-Depth training program. The diversity of the students ranged from educators, manufactures, and consultants. Some were already AnyLogic customers however there were a great deal of potential customers who participated in the class to get a solid understanding of how AnyLogic can solve their business problems and complete their evaluation process.

With 3 instructors, the class enjoyed the diversity of questions as well as the range of business challenges. We even had our first High School educator who will be using AnyLogic in his Advanced Math course! In addition to the class, we were honored by Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD of Bayser Analysis and Chad Dau, Associate Director of Marketing Analytics at Astellas Phama who were gracious enough to present the model they created for Astellas with AnyLogic using Agent-Based modeling for New Product Launch. The class was extremely thankful as well as AnyLogic to Bayser and Astellas for providing a “real world” example of how they utilized AnyLogic to solve a practical business problem.