Electric Vehicle Driver Simulation using Agent-Based Modeling

Recargo is a software and services company that provides guidance to drivers and industry, to support the adoption and growth of plug-in car technology. Wherever you are on the road to sustainable transportation, Recargo gives the critical intelligence you need to choose the right path forward.

Beaudry Kock, VP, Electric Technology and Policy at Recargo, Inc. has been developing an agent-based model with the AnyLogic toolto help simulate the charging patterns of electric vehicle drivers in California. This will enable a better understanding of the potential value from delivering electricity grid services with these vehicles. Estimating the available share of a given population of vehicles involves answering some difficult questions, like: what are the chances that vehicles will be available over a given time period at a given location? Or, how much frequency regulation can this vehicle provide on a given morning, if the owner has specified that the battery must be at 80% charge by 2 pm? This is where AnyLogic’s simulation and modeling tools become useful: they allow the development of vehicle state and driver behavior models, coupled with simulations of grid operation, ultimately developing estimates of how much value Recargo might be able to generate from grid services for a given population of vehicles.

Experience a step by step look into Electric Vehicle Driver Simulation as the Recargo project unfolds. Obtain part 1 of the case study on the AnyLogic case studies web page and stay tuned for further development. Then join us at the AnyLogic Conference 2014 in San Francisco, November 12th and 13th where Beaudry Kock, will present his findings and the most up to date project status!