Disaster Response Applications Using Agent-Based Modeling

Battelle is the world’s largest, non-profit, independent R&D organization, and is a worldwide leader in the development, commercialization, and transfer of technology. They manage or co-manage laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and an international nuclear laboratory in the United Kingdom.

Battelle developed a disaster response solution for a federal government agency using AnyLogic, and in particular, agent-based modeling due to its multimethod capabilities. Joe Simkins, Economist at Battelle shared the solution with the AnyLogic community during the AnyLogic Conference 2013 in Washington D.C. Joe works in the fields of applied microeconomics, emergent simulation, and behavioral economics with experience in a wide variety of project applications ranging from health care to disaster response.

An AnyLogic user since 2010, Joe Simkins chooses AnyLogic because he can build complex models without an extensive coding background. He also believes, as a behavioral economist, using agent-based modeling makes the most sense; it allows him to link other modeling paradigms, and enables him to find emergent solutions.

The Battelle case study is available for your review at AnyLogic.com, and for a deeper dive, take a look at Joe’s PowerPoint presentation from the AnyLogic Conference 2013.

Disaster response framework: