Best Three Days of Summer? AnyLogic 7 Training Of Course!

Best Three Days of Summer? AnyLogic 7 Training Of Course!

The AnyLogic 7 Training course is fast-paced, full of content and worth every second of face-to-face instruction and networking. The course spans from model theory discussion and hands-on exercises, to Java code writing and building your own simulation models.

What our attendees are saying:

"AnyLogic 7 training was very informative and the intensive format was conducive to gaining knowledge rapidly, with no outside distractions from other work related activities."

"Training was really interesting and open your mind to possibilities."

"Most valuable aspect of the training is the instructor's assistance and guidance outside of the regular lecture and hands on activities. Networking with the other students, as well."

Last face-to-face learning opportunities in 2015:

AnyLogic 7 Training, Paris, France, October 12-14

AnyLogic 7 Training Chicago, IL, USA, October 20-22

AnyLogic 7 Training, Maintal, Germany, September 21-23

AnyLogic Conference 2015, Philadelphia, PA, November 4-5

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