AnyLogic Logistics Network Manager: Live Demonstration

Recently, Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development at The AnyLogic Company held a "Simulation Modeling for Logistics Optimization" workshop in Berlin, Germany covering a range of topics from general benefits of simulation modeling and the various business uses, to how simulation modeling can improve a logistics network and a live demonstration of how it works.

AnyLogic Logistics Network Manager: Live Demonstration

Beginning with an explanation of what simulation and modeling software solutions mean for various business challenges (streamline business processes, analyze consumer behavior, prevent bottle necks, optimize supply chains, etc.), the workshop videos also display a comprehensive look into simulation modeling specifically for the logistics network.

Watch these videos for an in-depth evaluation of how simulation and modeling can optimize a logistics network with increased accuracy compared to typical methods. For instance, taking in to account real system dynamics, business logic of the current system, and stochastic characteristics, enabling visualization and what-if analysis.

Plus, see a step-by-step demonstration of how AnyLogic Logistics Network Manager (ALNM) really works and what it can do!

ALNM capabilities:

  • Analyze logistics network costs
  • Optimize logistics network
  • Identify lowest cost operation
  • Pinpoint minimum safety stock levels
  • Evaluate and improve product flow
  • Decision support considering various configurations (capacity, process delay, working hours, border control)

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