AnyLogic in Beijing

A two day conference of AnyLogic users took place in Beijing. It welcomed 50 representatives from Chinese and international companies, including:

  • China National Offshore Oil Corporation
  • Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering
  • Hisense Transtech

With their own models, they demonstrated how to handle business issues using the AnyLogic simulation tool.

Along with Alena Beloshapko, we showcased international simulation modeling projects for transportation, manufacturing, logistics, and pedestrian traffic. You can find some of them on our website.

At the workshops, conference participants learned more about new AnyLogic libraries for various business areas. AnyLogic road traffic library, for example, allows users to simulate vehicle traffic on roads, highway traffic, street traffic, on-site transportation at manufacturing sites, or any other systems with vehicles, roads, and lanes. The library supports detailed modeling of vehicle movement on roads suitable for modeling. Watch our webinar video to find out more about the library.

The conference also spotlighted anyLogistix, the software for supply chain optimization, network design, and analysis. It was powered by AnyLogic and successfully applied by international companies.

AnyLogic in Beijing

We also visited the annual international conference, Simulation Expo, in Beijing, where educational, healthcare, energy, and defense companies shared simulation modeling experience. Watch the news video from the conference.

AnyLogic in Beijing

Don't miss our next event, look at the schedule on the website. Those who want to learn AnyLogic fundamentals, join us at AnyLogic training in Chicago, IL on November, 30–December, 2.

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