AnyLogic Europe Visits Leading Airport Terminal Event

Planning a huge airport terminal is a task that requires simulation modeling to complete the project successfully. A forum where airport planners gather is the ideal place to demonstrate the powerful alliance of the three simulation methods of AnyLogic software in action.

The 2013 Passenger Terminal Expo, the leading airport passenger terminal exhibition, took place in Geneva from April 9-11. This year's exposition was recognized as the most successful one in its 19 year history. The event united more than 180 exhibitors with more than 3500 professionals. The visitors included company CEOs, architects, airport engineers, airline representatives, and many other professionals connected to the airport industry.

This was the second time AnyLogic Europe took part in this most prestigious forum on airport passenger terminals. Just like the previous time, many visitors, who wanted to discover new approaches to planning and managing passenger terminals, were interested in learning about AnyLogic. They were excited to see the case studies that were presented. One example was the Simulation of Passenger Flow at Frankfurt Airport, which allowed the operating company to increase the capacity of the airport to 5.5 million passengers per month.

The AnyLogic exhibit showed, once again, that the most important feature that attracted airport modelers to AnyLogic software is its ability to combine simulation of the individual behavior of each passenger with simulation of the more general processes of terminal functioning, like plane departure, passport control, security checks, and baggage logistics. This result can be achieved by using a combination of modeling methods, and AnyLogic is the perfect tool for using, for example, Agent Based and Discrete Event Modeling at the same time.

P.S. By the way, if you want to learn how to build airport models, please register for AnyLogic In-Depth Training which will take place in Paris in two weeks. Creating a model of an airport is an integral part of the program, which is aimed at those who already have experience working with AnyLogic.

AnyLogic Europe Visits Leading Airport Terminal Event

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