AnyLogic Conference 2022: results, highlights, and videos

The AnyLogic Virtual Conference 2022

For nearly 24 hours, across multiple time zones, presenters from all around the world thrilled more than 1,000 people from over 80 countries with tales of modeling and simulation at the AnyLogic Conference 2022. Themes and topics varied greatly including enterprise simulation, AI, construction, digital twins, production, warehouse operations, and many more. There was something for everyone!

What happened?

AnyLogic Conference 2022

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises kicked off the conference with a fascinating presentation on optimal store layouts and labor scheduling using digital twins and store simulations. If that didn’t make you hungry for more, nothing would. A magical workshop from Ben Schumann which explored some proven design patterns on structuring your models now so that they will not crumble in the future followed. Watch the video below and discover tips and tricks for beginners through to advanced level modelers.

Ben Schumann workshop

As the conference progressed there were more riveting presentations from the likes of Bryden Wood, Noorjax Consulting, and EPIC Innolabs. Logico gave us a presentation on simulation in the cell therapy industry, while Netherlands Railways told us all about simulation for disrupted railway operations. If you wanted diversity of content, this conference was the place to be.

Meta, appearing for the first time at one of our conferences, gave a great presentation on using simulation to optimize new hyperscale data centers designs for rack delivery workflow. Presentations continued from Mosimtec, Komatsu Mining Technology, and SimWell, among others. As the conference drew to a close, PwC, not to be outdone, gave us a relevant and stimulating talk on how to start enterprise level simulations.

PwC enterprise simulation

AnyLogic and the Future

Of course, no conference would be complete without presentations from our very own teams.

AnyLogic 8’s presentation overviewed new major features and improvements released since the last conference, discussed things currently under development, and gave an update on plans and ideas. A live demonstration was also given.

AnyLogic 8: What's new

AnyLogic 9 devoted their talk to the current state of the web-based version of AnyLogic – AnyLogic 9. A live demo of AnyLogic 9 Technology Preview was also performed highlighting new features and showing just how easy it is to conduct experiments in AnyLogic Cloud.

AnyLogic 9 and AnyLogic Cloud demo and plans

Finally, the AnyLogic North America team gave an excellent presentation on digital transformation: enterprise simulation within the AnyLogic ecosystem. A topic highly applicable in today’s ever-changing world.

AnyLogic North America: Towards digital transformation

Insightful, relevant, and educational topics from all the presenters gave everyone an opportunity to learn about something and gain interesting insights into how models and simulation can add value to a business. As we deal with a highly competitive and changing world, any advantage will be beneficial not only in growing your own business, but also helping the world become a better place. This is what the conference hoped to achieve.


During the live presentations, the audience had the possibility to comment and also to send questions to the presenters, and they did not disappoint in this regard. The number of intelligent and insightful questions posed really showed not only how engaged the viewers were, but also the quality of the presentations. Participants also interacted with each other on the discussion boards sharing their ideas, insights, and feelings, and were rewarded with the activity challenge where 10 participants won 1 year’s free AnyLogic Cloud subscription with AnyLogic 9 Technology Preview.

AnyLogic Conference 2022


Overall, this conference was hugely successful and thoroughly enjoyed by both the presenters and the audience. The videos of all the presentations are already available on the conference platform for everyone who registered. So, if you missed something or just want to rewatch some of your favorites, check that out. In the future, these will also be available on our YouTube page for everyone and on the conference page you will find the presentations.

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