AnyLogic Cloud API extends the cloud platform

AnyLogic Cloud API

The new AnyLogic Cloud API expands the functionality and capabilities of the cloud service. It allows you to programmatically access the Сloud engine and its capabilities. Now you can create your own graphical interfaces for your models, embed them in HTML pages, and integrate models with BI platforms – automated data processing and visualization systems. Let’s take a closer look.

Why do I need the AnyLogic Cloud API?

  • The API allows you to extend the cloud model interface with your own visual elements, including input and output elements. For example, you can create and customize a widget, chart or table of aggregate results, or just simply add your company logo to the model.
  • Using the API, you can embed a visual interface for your model, with all the elements you require, directly into your website. The model can be started independently, without visiting the cloud website, and results can be received as you specify, such as in the form of a report. Compared to embedding just the animation window, as we have discussed before, the API enables customized data input and retrieval.
  • You can integrate models with BI platforms, for example, Tableau or Power BI. Such platforms process and visualize the results of experiments for more convenient data analysis.

The AnyLogic Cloud API is available to subscribers and Private Cloud users. Read more about the options.

Private Cloud advantages:

  • All data is stored on the company's own servers: the organization controls the general model storage, user accounts, experimental results and database. Private cloud installations can also be configured according to corporate security requirements.
  • Models run without time limits and can use all available computing power.
  • The Cloud's flexibility allows you to customize it to the needs of your company and integrate it with commercial IT infrastructure.
Documentation for the Cloud API is available for everyone. To ask questions about the additional features of the AnyLogic Cloud API, please contact us.

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