AnyLogic 9 at WinterSim 2020

AnyLogic 9 at WinterSim 2020

From December 14 to 18, we are participating in WinterSim-2020 — the largest professional conference dedicated to simulation. During the conference, participants present and discuss how they use simulation modeling in business and science, and software companies share simulation modeling product innovations.

This year the conference is being held online and, thanks to this, we have recordings of our presentations and sessions ready to share with you before the end of the conference.

Our main presentation this year is about AnyLogic 9.0, a significant update to the simulation modeling software which we will release in the coming year. Here are some of the new features to look forward to in the coming 9.x releases:

  • New browser interface and features — We are changing the appearance of AnyLogic to make it more convenient for users to work with it. At the same time, we will try to preserve the appearance of familiar elements, so users will not need to spend time learning the new interface. Common actions, such as drawing objects on the canvas, creating space markup elements and diagrams, and setting up library blocks, will be intuitive.
  • Python programming language — Currently, you can use the Java programming language to help create complex models with non-standard logic. In new versions of the program, we will also introduce Python — one of the world’s most popular programming languages.
  • BIM model support — It will be possible to load elements of information from 3D models of buildings and structures into AnyLogic simulation models.
  • Improved GIS mapping features — In new versions of AnyLogic, there will be an advanced search for GIS maps, access to metadata of objects on maps, a 3D view of the territory, as well as the ability to add space markup to maps (for example, to model pipelines or railways).
  • GIT teamwork — The new AnyLogic will allow teams to use GIT for version control.
  • Server installation — AnyLogic 9 can be installed on laptops, workstations, or servers. Server installation lets you use AnyLogic online, as well as share model links with clients or colleagues.

Right now, AnyLogic 9 is in closed testing at an early prototype stage and the first release is planned for 2021. But, at WinterSim 2020, we showed how it works using a demonstration model. In the video, we draw the walls of the exhibition building, build a process diagram for visitors, and add an obstacle - an art object for guests to look at. Here is the video, see what the future of AnyLogic looks like!

At the conference, we also spoke in detail about AnyLogic Private Cloud - the on-premise version of the AnyLogic Cloud web service. It works the same as the public one but is installed in a company's private cloud so that it can be configured in accordance with corporate security requirements. Private Cloud users have access to the cloud API service so that models can integrate with data processing and decision support platforms.

The conference is not over yet, but over the past few days, participants have presented reports on the use of IM in the field of logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, business processes, as well as medicine and artificial intelligence - these areas have become one of the most popular topics of presentations. [WinterSim papers]

Unfortunately, this year we were not able to communicate with AnyLogic users in person. We hope that you have all stayed safe and that in the coming year we can gather with you at the AnyLogic conference!

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