AnyLogic 8.8.2 with Material Handling Library and GIS map improvements

AnyLogic 8.8.2 – the first release of 2023 – comes with improvements in the Material Handling Library, GIS maps, and other changes. In this blog post, we’ll give a brief overview of the most significant ones.

Improvements in the Material Handling Library

The main change in the new version is that transporters, such as AGVs, moving in free space can more effectively resolve deadlocks. Even if, for some reason, many transporters head to one point or to some limited area, they will be able to move around each other.

In addition, transporters are now better at moving in corridors without blocking each other's path.

These improvements will primarily affect the simulation of warehouses, where transporters’ paths often intersect in narrow aisles between racks.

Also, in the new version of AnyLogic, transporters interact better with racks. For example, multiple transporters can move to a rack bay to pick up loads (agents). If one of the transporters has already arrived to pick up a load, that is blocked by loads that other transporters are coming to pick up, this first transporter can wait for them to finish before picking up its own.

Rack Queueing
Running a simulation to illustrate rack queueing

Changes to the GIS maps

The new release also brings small changes that improve the experience of working with GIS maps. On the model run, the GIS map now keeps the area that was selected during model development, and regardless of the detail in the model, it always keeps the area that is viewed by the user. In addition, the loading of tiles from OpenStreetMap servers has been improved.

More details on all the improvements and updates released in AnyLogic 8.8.2 – in AnyLogic Help. We will keep on improving our software, and we are already working on the next release.

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