AnyLogic 8.7.12 introduces reversible conveyors and new built-in Help

AnyLogic 8.7.12 is now released and available for download.

This year’s already seen three releases with minor updates to the built-in AnyLogic libraries. This time we are proud to present a new yet long-awaited feature – support for reversible conveyors. The new version also comes with built-in redesigned AnyLogic Help.

Reversible conveyors

Those of you who’s been using AnyLogic for manufacturing modeling for a while know that conveyor network was one of the first Material Handling Library elements. In the new version, we’ve improved it – added an option which changes conveyor's direction during model runtime.

Now it’s easier to upgrade conveyor networks with reversible conveyors that lead to workstations along the main conveyor. The feature also helps create conveyor buffers.

To make a conveyor reversible, check the option Reversible in the properties of the Conveyor markup element. By calling setDirection() or changeDirection() functions you can make the conveyor reverse its direction at any time during the model run.

Properties of the Conveyor markup element, a flowchart, and the model animation in AnyLogic
Properties of the Conveyor markup element, a flowchart, and the model animation in AnyLogic

If there are agents on the conveyor when you reverse it, they will leave their Convey block through the outRedirect port. You can reroute or delete those from the model using a flowchart.

See reversible conveyors in action in our demo models Reversible Conveyors, Reversible Conveyor Buffer, Item Flow Control on a Reversible Conveyor Spur. If you’d like to explore reversible conveyors' logic, check out this detailed documentation on the topic.

This simple model shows how reversible conveyors can be used to infeed and outfeed stations located along the main conveyor line

Modern built-in Help

AnyLogic Help that you can access from this website was updated last year (we’ve announced it in our blog). But starting from version 8.7.12, renewed Help becomes available from within AnyLogic software as well.

This AnyLogic release comes with useful Help updates. Now all videos are embedded into the webpages, so there’s no need for you to go to other websites to watch them.

Also, most Help articles contain links to related example models in AnyLogic Cloud. This will be especially helpful to the new AnyLogic users. Follow the links to open the models and see how a particular feature works, without opening AnyLogic!

Read more about AnyLogic 8.7.12 updates and improvements in our release notes.

Update AnyLogic or download the latest version from our website, explore the new features and share your experience in the comments below!

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