AnyLogic 7 - Call For Beta Testers

Be among the first to experience AnyLogic 7’s new features! We are in the Beta testing phase for the AnyLogic 7 edition and you can apply to be a Beta tester by clicking here. Then try it out and let us know what you think by emailing or clicking "Get Support" button in AnyLogic. You are also welcome to leave your general comments here! With your help, we can work to eliminate bugs and have a final version of AnyLogic 7 ready for release this winter.

AnyLogic 7 features include a new library for process modeling, unified space and space markup elements, an improved pedestrian library, unique wizards for easier model building, an updated, more spacious graphical editor window and more! And don’t forget, we will showcase AnyLogic 7 at the WinterSim Conference (December 8th-11th) and the AnyLogic Conference (December 12th) in Washington D.C., we hope to see you there!