AnyLogic 7.0.1 Released!

AnyLogic 7.0.1 is now available for download on our website. The updated version includes bug fixes, stability improvements and minor enhancements in functionality.

You’re in luck! If your maintenance agreement was active upon the major release of version 7.0, you are eligible to download the updated version 7.0.1. The version numbering policy for AnyLogic allows users to download version updates as long as their maintenance was active during the last major release. However this is not the case with minor releases as active maintenance will be required. Major releases are represented by the first number, while changes in the second number denote a minor release and changes in the third number indicate updates.

Accordingly, be sure you and/or your organization has an active maintenance agreement before the minor release of 7.2. For more information regarding our license numbering policy and maintenance agreement, go to About AnyLogic in the Help Menu of your AnyLogic software or contact us with further questions.