The AnyLogic Conference 2013 Agenda Highlights

Do you want to hear how Cardinal Health use simulation to minimize warehouse congestion? Or about a plant capacity model of GE Global Research? What simulation model is used by Centre for Research in Healthcare Engineering to explore healthcare policy choices across OECD countries? On December 12, sixteen commercial and research organizations will tell you about their experience of applying multimethod simulation modeling in their industry. The Conference program is based on case-studies and real world examples and is now available on our website. Make sure you register early to secure your attendance - spaces are limited!

AnyLogic Conference 2013 Coming Up

The AnyLogic Company, for the second year, invites all simulation specialists, business analysts, and researchers, who use AnyLogic in their work, to come after the WinterSim conference and share their experiences using AnyLogic software. The second annual AnyLogic Conference will take place on December 12, 2013 in Washington DC (USA) at a hotel situated right in front of the WinterSim venue. The conference will feature case studies from various industries. The presentations will reflect the versatility of multimethod modeling with AnyLogic, covering all three simulation techniques featured in AnyLogic as well as many of their combinations.