2015 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

The annual System Dynamics conference brings together people from around the world to share important research and application results and to build the community of those active in the field. The 2015 conference theme is “Reinventing Life on a Shrinking Earth.” While Earth has not changed size in absolute terms, it is shrinking with respect to the activity it supports. Complex business and societal challenges have arisen from the increasing activity on the globe that conventional institutional designs have failed to address. System Dynamics uniquely provides a strategic framework to explore the challenges of a shrinking Earth, giving a greater understanding and exposing counter-intuitive insights that allow us to reinvent our institutions and our lives.

The program includes plenary presentations that showcase important work in the field, parallel and poster sessions that present the most current research and applications, and a full day of skill-building workshops covering topics from basic software use to advanced analysis techniques.

We, AnyLogic continue to be a staple in the System Dynamics Community through sponsorship, exhibition, training, and demonstration. Arash Madhavi, Simulation & Modeling Consultant, presented “System Dynamics, and so much more…” on Wednesday afternoon to a large group of eager Conference attendees. The presentation was an eye-opener into the world of multimethod modeling, where complex business problems can be solved simply regardless of the abstraction level of your data.

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