1st German AnyLogic User Meeting: industry leaders shaping the future of modeling

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In the picturesque setting of Germany, late September was marked by a gathering that brought together a community with a common thread — a passion for the innovative world of simulation.

This was the 1st German AnyLogic User Meeting, an event thoroughly organized by our partners SimPlan AG. It wasn't just to showcase the latest features of AnyLogic, but to create a dynamic forum where real-world applications took the spotlight.

The event was a platform where simulation experts and industry professionals from various fields came together to exchange ideas and innovations. Attendees shared their experiences and explored the many ways AnyLogic meets the challenges of different industries, all through engaging presentations created by the AnyLogic users themselves.

Photos from the first German AnyLogic User Meeting
German AnyLogic User Meeting

In this blog post, we'll take you through the highlights and takeaways of the 1st German AnyLogic User Meeting. So, join us as we share some memorable moments from the presentations by well-known companies about their experiences with AnyLogic.

A kaleidoscope of industries

Many esteemed names such as Airbus, Knauf, Tesla, DasHub, and IABG headlined the event, alongside academic contributors from the Universities of Karlsruhe and Hannover. These organizations, representing sectors from logistics and manufacturing to defense and academia, provided a snapshot of the software's far-reaching capabilities and the innovative spirit of its users.

Photo from the first German AnyLogic User Meeting
German AnyLogic User Meeting

Exploring the depths of simulation

Airbus, a giant in the aerospace industry, impressed attendees with its own manufacturing and internal logistics library used in many of the company's projects.

By developing custom tools tailored to unique needs, Airbus showcased the power of specialized solutions to address the complexities of aerospace operations. This speaks not only to the adaptability of the software but also to the critical role of personalized systems in complex industrial environments.

Knauf, a company well-known for drywall gypsum boards, demonstrated a model that serves as the central hub of a large multi-component system. Their integration of various systems, including Azure, SQL Server, IntelliJ, and the GUROBI solver, managed via a REST API, illustrated a sophisticated coordination of tools and systems — all centered around the AnyLogic core.

Furthermore, the company astonished participants by applying modeling to mining and transportation, with ambitions to expand the application area in the future.

Tesla's representative, Max Selmair, shared his experience using the Material Handling Library to create models. The discussion after the presentation not only defined the meeting's forward-thinking atmosphere but also fostered a productive environment. The environment where attendees addressed the challenges and shared innovative solutions.

Connecting, learning, and growing together with AnyLogic

Our own team shared the latest and upcoming features of the software. Anastasiia Zhiliaeva, AnyLogic libraries product manager, introduced new developments, such as pedestrian elevators and genetic algorithms.

Anastasiia also gave a glimpse into the near future with live demonstrations of AnyLogic 8.8.5 improvements that captivated the audience. Roman Fursenko, head of customer support, shed light on the potential of the AnyLogic Cloud by showing how it could integrate with other digital systems.

But it wasn't all just presentations. The real value of the meeting lay in the exchange of ideas during coffee breaks and the dinner, where stories and strategies were shared. This face-to-face interaction provided the AnyLogic team with invaluable feedback, helping us to understand user needs and the creative ways our software is being applied.

The power of community

The 1st German AnyLogic User Meeting proved to be more than just an event; it was a shared experience that highlighted the importance of collaboration in the tech world. It was an affirmation of AnyLogic's commitment to our user base — providing them not only with a tool but with a growing ecosystem capable of implementing practical solutions.

Photos from the first German AnyLogic User Meeting
German AnyLogic User Meeting

The gathering showed that, when it comes to pushing the boundaries of simulation technology, a collective approach is not just beneficial but essential. Attendees of the meeting left the event with confidence that they are part of a forward-thinking community that is shaping the future of simulation modeling.

For all participants, we would like to say thank you for joining our 1st German AnyLogic User Meeting. It was your enthusiasm and collective expertise that truly brought the power of simulation to life. We are grateful for your participation and look forward to continuing our journey together in shaping the future of simulation modeling.

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