Workshop: Introduction into Simulation Modeling for Business Applications

The workshop program introduces the audience to different simulation modeling approaches and shows examples of their use. It also illustrates the various features of AnyLogic 6 and reviews several real-life problems from different industries that were solved with the help of simulation modeling. The program is specifically designed for those who are new to simulation modeling to explain and demonstrate why simulation modeling is important and what kind of problems it helps to solve.

Workshop Videos

Presentation nameVideo
Presentation nameVideo
1 Why use simulation?
2System Dynamics Modeling: Innovation Diffusion Model
Discrete Event Modeling: Bank Service Model 4
Randomness and Optimization
5 Agent Based Modeling: Consumer Choice Model 6Manufacturing Simulation
Logistics Introduction 8
Pedestrian Flow Models
9 Warehouse and Rail Yard Models 10Container Terminal Model
Transportation and Supply Chain Model. Case Study. 12
Specificity of Simulation Projects