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hold block unblock, Problem with hold
Can somebody help me? I have tried many combination but unsuccessful. I am working on model that have condition: agent must be in the queue
if (delay.size() > 0 ||
delay1.size() > 0 ||
delay2.size() > 0)

and exit queue
if (delay.size() == 0 &&
delay1.size() == 0 &&
delay.size() == 0)

Model: source, queue, hold, delay, delay1, delay2, sink
Hello Biljana!
According to the description, the hold should be unblocked only if all delays are empty. So, the solution is to call block() in the "delay" On Enter, and call unblock() in "delay2" On Exit.

This is not the only solution. You can also use restrictedArea blocks instead of Hold block.
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