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AnyLogic Conference 2016

The AnyLogic Conference brings together attendees from around the globe with the aim of increasing partner profitability, sharing top-notch ideas and accelerating business growth. Attendance is open to all, from long-time users and advocates of the software to those considering modeling and simulation as your problem-solving tool. The conference is a great opportunity to discover how to implement AnyLogic best practices to your business environment. It also features a range of engaged partners about which you can learn more below.



PresentationAreaOrganizaton PDF
Create and Manage Firm Strategyand Innovation Using Simulation (Lyle Wallis) Enterprise Strategy


Maintenance Scheduling Tool In the Oil & Gas Industry (Marina C. Pérez Gaido) Logistics & Maintenance Scheduling


Demand and Supply Planning for a Large Fast Food Chain (Nate DeJong) Supply Chain

HAVI Global Solutions

Agent-based Exploration of System Negotiation and Redistribution of Goals (Paul Avery et al.) Warehousing & Material Handling

Southwest Research Institute

Using Simulation to Design and Test an End-to-End TOC-based, Supply Chain Management Solution (Dr. Alan Barnard, CEO) Supply Chain


Mining simulation tool to support planning and operational improvements (Andrey Malykhanov, Vitaliy Chernenko) Mining


Developing Decision Support Tools in Partnership with State Health Departments to Inform Prevention Policy (Dylan Knowles) Healthcare (Policy)

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (TAPPC) and the Sax Institute

Transportation Engineering for Integrated Dedicated Fleet Solutions Transporation


Risk Mitigation in Active Shooter Scenarios (J. Eric Dietz) Emergency Planning


Using Predictive Analytics and Simulation to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes in Patients With Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (Luigi Manca, Roger A. Edwards et al.) Healthcare (Pharmaceuticals)


Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Simulation (Stephen Lane, Simulation Analyst) Healthcare (Pharmaceuticals)

Sterling Simulation

Applying Simulation with the Correct Level of Representation to Solve Difficult Problems in Transportation (Beth Kulick, Senior Analyst) Transportation