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To discuss AnyLogic-related issues, you are welcome to use LinkedIn user group and StackOverflow questions tagged with "anylogic".

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Call for Presenters

We welcome case-studies that use the AnyLogic multimethod simulation modeling approach in a commercial or research project. If you have an experience that you feel would make a good case study, please contact the Conference Manager.

Presenting at AnyLogic Conference will allow you to introduce yourself as an expert in simulation and your company as an innovative organization. It will also give you the opportunity to find new clients and employees and get advice from other experienced simulation specialists.

The audience of the conference consists of over 150 specialists from various industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, industrial and civil engineering, supply chains, transportation, consulting, and government agencies.

Tips for Submitting a Presentation

Presentations should be approximately 20 minutes with additional 5-10 minutes allotted for Q & A. In order to keep the audience engaged, you may suggest 2-3 loaded questions that will be initiated by an AnyLogic representative in the circumstance that the audience does not have any questions. Information to be included:

  • Executive summary of case study to support abstract submitted
  • Business challenge solved
  • Why you chose AnyLogic
  • Why your work is significant
  • Benefit achieved (tangible numbers or evidence recommended)
  • Show AnyLogic model (through recording; we are happy to assist you in recording your model)
  • Q & A

Academic papers

Academic papers on the AnyLogic multimethod simulation modeling approach will be published online as a part of the conference proceedings.