The Company

The AnyLogic Company along with AnyLogic Software is a global organization with Headquarters in Chicago, St. Petersburg and Paris, with Consulting, Sales and Marketing professionals. Founded in 1992, the AnyLogic team that design, develop and market AnyLogic Software - the first and only tool that brings together System Dynamics, Process-centric (Discrete Event), and Agent Based methods within one modeling language and one model development environment have been the leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies and consulting services for business applications. The language of AnyLogic has unmatched flexibility enabling modelers to capture the complexity of business, economy and social systems at any level of detail to gain deeper insight into interdependent processes inside and around an organization.

The Process

If the hiring manager finds you to be a qualified candidate, a member of our team will send you an e-mail to arrange a telephone interview. After that, we’ll contact you if you’ve been selected for additional interviews.

The Environment

This is your opportunity to work with the most influential organizations in the world, for the most innovative Simulation and Modeling Company in the world.

AnyLogic has set the trend through multimethod modeling, and our team is like our software, flexible, complex, and dynamic with continuously increasing capabilities. Of course, you will share your expertise and leverage your technical experience, but an AnyLogic team member will also adapt to working under pressure in a fast paced environment.

We are profitable, growing and committed to adding rock-stars to all of our locations! Bring the ambition and passion it takes to be a significant part of a team full of personality.