"AnyLogic 7 in Three Days" by Ilya Grigoryev

This is the practical textbook on AnyLogic simulation software from its developers. The book is designed for use in self-education and university environment. It is ideal for studying modeling and simulation with the free AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition. The core of the book are four practical examples, covering all the main software functionality and allowing the users to get the basics of modeling and simulation with AnyLogic. It also gives some theory on different modeling methods. You can consider this book as your first guide in studying AnyLogic 7 and simulation.

"The Big Book of Simulation Modeling. Multimethod Modeling with AnyLogic" by Dr. Andrei Borshchev

This is a practical guide to building simulation models. It explains how to choose the right constructs of the modeling language to create a representation of a real world system that is suitable for risk-free dynamic experiments. And this is the only book that comprehensively presents all three methods, or paradigms, in simulation modeling: Agent Based, System Dynamics, and Discrete Event. The book is based on the modeling languages supported by AnyLogic, the software tool that enables a modeler to utilize all three methods and to combine them in a single model. Written by the creator of the software, this book is the most in-depth information resource on AnyLogic and multi-method modeling that currently exists. It covers topics from building simple Agent Based models with state charts, to designing interactive 3D animations, to developing data exchange with external programs. With over 100 hands-on, step-by-step examples with different levels of complexity and various application areas, this book is extremely useful to both simulation professionals and students learning simulation modeling.

Anylogic Turkçe Ders Notlari (Turkish Lecture Notes for AnyLogic)

Bu doküman, AnyLogic 7 yazılımında kesikli olay simülasyon modellerinin oluşturulmasını öğretmek ve kullanıcıların pratik yapmasını sağlamak amacıyla oluşturulmuştur. Bu dökümanda rassal sayı oluşturma, yazı-tura, zar atma, dairenin alanını hesaplama, tek kuyruklu ve çok kuyruklu sistem ve kalite kontrol simülasyon modelini ele alan 7 adet Türkçe eğitim materyali bulunmaktadır. Bu dökümandaki tüm simülasyon çalışmaları detaylıca ve adım adım ele alınmıştır bu yüzden kullanıcılar dökümandaki örnekleri pratik yaparak beceri ve kabiliyetlerini geliştirebilirler.

"Operations and Supply Chain Simulation with AnyLogic 7.2" by Prof. Dr. Dmitry Ivanov

The book by Prof. Dr. Dmitry Ivanov, Professor for Supply Chain Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, was created in order to support MBA and M.Sc. students with majors in supply chain and operations management as well as instructors giving classes in supply chain and operations simulation for such students. This guideline offers applied simulation models and a simple, predictable format of a step-by-step tutorial, to make it easy to understand for management students without engineering background.

Business Dynamics Book's Examples

Please find all models from “Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World” by John Sterman. The book introduces systems dynamics modeling for the analysis of policy and strategy, with an emphasis on business and public policy applications. System dynamics is both a conceptual tool and a powerful modeling method. This allows the building of computer simulations of complex systems. These simulations can then be used to test the effectiveness of different policies on business outcomes.

Aprenda AnyLogic em português

Essa é a tradução do livro prático sobre simulação usando o software de simulação AnyLogic. O livro foi concebido para auto aprendizado e uso em ambiente universitário. O livro trata de quatro exemplos práticos cobrindo as principais funcionalidades do software e permitindo aos usuários obter o básico em modelagem e simulação com o AnyLogic.