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A Detailed Model For a High-Mix Low-Volume ASIC FAB Mike Gissrau, Oliver Rose. Proceedings of the 2011 Winter Simulation Conference

Looking for new improvement options such as new dispatching rules of an existing semiconductor fabrication facility, a detailed model is indispensable to check the data quality as well as detecting main influences of the facility and finally testing the new optimization approaches.
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Utilising dynamic factory simulation to improve unit cost estimation and aid design decisions Stuart Jinks, Jim Scanlan, Philippa Reed (University of Southampton); Steve Wiseall (Rolls-Royce plc). Proceedings of the 2010 Winter Simulation Conference.

Utilising dynamic simulation methods to estimate manufacturing resources, can improve unit cost estimation and aid design decisions. This paper introduces a framework specification that combines Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) and Discrete Event Simulation (DES) technologies.
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IRS POST-FILING PROCESSES SIMULATION MODELING: A COMPARISON OF DES WITH ECONOMETRIC MICROSIMULATION IN TAX ADMINISTRATION Arnold Greenland, Erica Layne Morrison, David Connors, John L. Guyton, Michael Sebastiani, 2007 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC’07), Washington D.C., December 9-12, 2007

IRS Office of Research Headquarters measures and models taxpayer burden, defined as expenditures of time and money by taxpayers to comply with the federal tax system. In this research activity, IRS created two microsimulation models using econometric techniques to enable the Service to produce annual estimates of taxpayer compliance burden for individual and small business populations. Additionally, a Discrete Event Simulation (DES) model was developed to represent taxpayer activities and IRS administration in postfiling processes.
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Modeling S-Class Car Seat Control with AnyLogic — Daimler-Chrysler Modeling Contest Alexei Filippov and Andrei Borshchev. Object-Oriented Modeling of Embedded Real-Time Systems (OMER-2), May 2001, Herrsching am Amersee, Germany, pp 46-50

In this paper we give an overview of the car seat model that was developed for Daimler-Chrysler modeling contest in year 2001 and was awarded the 1st prize. We outline the OO UML-RT based modeling approach that was used and the simulation tool AnyLogic that supports it, and discuss their main advantages with respect to automotive area.
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