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AnyLogic Conference 2012

December 13, Berlin, Intercontinental Hotel, Germany

With 100 + attendees first AnyLogic multimethod modeling conference gathered modelers, consultants and AnyLogic users from various industries. The 2012 Conference’s keynote speakers were Hans Ehm from Infineon Technologies (Germany) who spoke about challenges and simulation based solutions in the volatile semiconductor supply chain environment. Stefan Bengtsson provided his insight into a wide range of simulation modeling solutions developed for the healthcare industry by the County of Stockholm (Sweden). The experts from Banca d’Italia and Fair-Dynamics (Italy) presented their case-study on modeling payments back office processes. Pedestrian simulation for public buildings (museums and terminals) was discussed by specialists from Frankfurt Airport, Acp-IT (Germany), AnyLogic Europe (France). ACP-IT also presented the case-study on planning and optimization of Highly Automated Production Lines of Centrotherm Photovoltaics (Germany). AnyLogic development team announced the new features of AnyLogic 7 coming in 2013. Please see the 2012 conference materials below.

Conference Materials

Presentation name Industry Presenter PDF Video
Planning and Optimization of Highly Automated Production Lines with AnyLogic and the InFrame Synapse Simulation Suite: Challenges and Solutions Manufacturing Acp-it. Germany
Challenges & simulation based solutions in the volatile semiconductor supply chain environment Supply Chains Infineon Technologies AG. Germany
Simulation modeling applications in the Healthcare industry. Part I Healthcare Stockholm County Council. Sweden
Simulation modeling applications in the Healthcare industry. Part II Healthcare Stockholm County Council. Sweden

Modeling Bank’s back-office processes Business Processes Banca d’Italia, Fair Dynamics Consulting.Italia
AnyLogic pedestrian simulation for public buildings: museums and terminals Pedestrian Simulation Setec-International.AnyLogic Europe.France
Modeling Rail Yard Capacity Transportation Evans&Peck. Australia
Unveiling AnyLogic 7: features and enhancements Simulation Software Simualtion-Modeling-Software-AnyLogic
Simulation based production planning in a multitask/multistage yacht manufacturing process Manufacturing Fair Dynamics Consulting.Italy. DSE Consulting. UK
Optimizing existent French railways for fret and containers transportation: simulation based solution Logistics Arep.AnyLogic Europe.France
Passenger Flow Simulation at Frankfurt Airport Pedestrian Simulation Frankfurt Airport. Acp-it. Germany
Forecasting demand for a vehicle market Marketing Simulation modeling software AnyLogic
Modeling mechanical tunneling process Engineering Ruhr Universität Bochum. Germany
Simulation based decision support system for Argentina’s telecom market Marketing Continente Siete Consulting. Argentina